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Three New Career Options in The Field of Medicine

EDUCATION MASTER By revolutionising the medical field, the science and technology has opened up myriad career opportunities. There is a growing demand for more and technical professionals and technicians to carry out various tasks of medical field. Given below are three of them: Clinical Research Associate Candidates aspiring to become Clinical Research Associate need to have the aptitude for research. As a ...

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Two career opportunities in the field of agriculture for science students

EDUCATION MASTER These days, students, especially from the science stream, have plethora of career options to choose from. With the field of science gaining popularity among students information about career options in the stream are flooding freshers. Here are two career options in the field of agriculture for science graduates. Agricultural Consultant With agricultural science opening up newer and diverse ...

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A Tiger for Malgudi

Story of a tiger narrated by the tiger`s own mouth Author: RK Narayan Synopsis As is the case of all RK Narayan novels and stories, A Tiger for Malgudi is based in Malgudi, an imaginary township in southern India. It is, in fact, an autobiography of a tiger. The tiger in the novel is the central character around whom the story revolves. His life in the jungles as a wild beast, his encounter with humans and ...

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Retail Management

The retail industry has witnessed a trend of burgeoning shopping malls and increasing entrants across cities in India. As more players enter the market the career landscape in this area is throwing up the need for specialists. Retail management offers a plethora of opportunities for talented individuals with a keen understanding of customer needs and related processes that go into making the buying experien ...

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A piece of advice for exam-stressed parents

Education Master Come exam season, anxious days and sleepless nights take the better of students. It is quite normal for students to feel on the edge. Parents too cannot remain immune to the exam related stress. Here is a piece of advice for parents from a person whose mission it is to lighten the burden of the parents under these trying circumstances. It is George Turnbull. With years of experience George ...

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Satya Nadella – Another Son Of The Soil Makes It Big Abroad

Education Master It is indeed a moment of glory for all Indians when one of their kind made it big in the world of Information Technology (IT). Satya Nadella did India, the country of his origin, proud when he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, the world’s most cherished IT giant. No wonder news of Nadella’s elevation brought cheers and a sense of both vindication and déjà vu to most Indian ...

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Mid-day meal: The casual fill up

Education Master The Government might have succeeded in luring the kids from backward and poverty stricken families to schools with the promise of mid day meals, but is it actually successful in doing justice to what it serves up at break time is yet another tale to be told. Across India in most of the states, the mid-day meal programme of the government primary schools has turned out to be more or less a c ...

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Language Woes Worst Enemy For Bengal Techies

Ishpreet Bindra They might be toppers in their engineering colleges; they might have the brains of a tech-guru or might be Einstein in the making. However, something certainly goes wrong with these techies from Bengal when it comes to job interviews. Past trends and numbers reveal a shocking failure report of many engineering graduates from the state, at the interview level. What wraps up these techies at p ...

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English Overdose: How Much Is Too Much?

Education Master With an increase in English medium, public and international schools the country, the emphasis on English as a spoken medium of interaction in the educational institutions is increasing like never before. Parents too are keen on seeing their little ones chatter away in the much preferred language, just as they hop out of the cradle. It all might sound good, the fact that this whole concept ...

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Architecture is a branch of engineering that deals exclusively with the science and art of construction. It is a multidisciplinary profession that combines creation of buildings and structures with standards of functional aspects of the business of construction. Through efficient planning, an architect is supposed to come up with a perfect blueprint of a proposed building taking into consideration its locat ...

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